Time to Introduce Myself and My “Girls”

Let’s begin with me. I’m an “older” woman, retired for 4 years, and a former quilter for 30 years. My retirement ushered in a desire to try my hand at crafts other than quilting, so I’ve been beading, playing with polymer clay, and recently making tiny paper houses by Tim Holtz via Sizzix. I found I really enjoyed working in miniature, redesigning the buildings and making beach homes and farmhouses, as well as barns.
As a result, I started making fishing shacks for my adult boys who are avid fisherman on Lake Erie. I enjoyed fostering my architectural skills and building piers which resulted in complete dioramas! I could be less fussy with this type of subject, too. Continue reading “Time to Introduce Myself and My “Girls””

An Overview

Over the life of this blog, I (Paula) will be documenting my journey through the sometimes tedious and challenging aspects of building my first 1:12 scale dollhouse for my two beautiful, very tiny, bears.  I recently purchased  them from warmheartbears.com (artist Carolyn Robbins) to be the inhabitants of a Primrose Cottage dollhouse kit from Corona Concepts.  My inspiration has come from following the website of Caroline Dupuis, cinderellamoments.com.  Her concept of making Shabby Chic cottage dollhouses just spoke to me, and I found I couldn’t resist the challenge any longer.  I’m starting out small, but I have BIG aspirations!