Renewed Hope, Renewed Thoughts…

Well, it has been almost a year since my husband passed away, and I’m just beginning to see my new life ahead of me. Although I haven’t been building miniatures, I have been extremely busy and at the same time, considering what my future will hold. Around about September last year, I realized I no longer could, nor wanted, to live in our house in Southport, NC, without my husband. Leaving our happiest memories behind as well as my saddest times now didn’t feel so wrong. There were several reasons for this momentous decision, one being I found out 3 weeks after Dave’s death that I now had breast cancer; two, that I needed a total hip replacement, and three, that I needed to be near my two grown boys and what remaining family I had in northern Ohio. So, I started packing up my whole house bit by bit. Because my hip was in such bad shape by then ( I never realized I had worn away all the cartilage already – I had just thought it was an aging process, which it is, but repairable), it took me 5 months to finish packing besides repairs, downsizing, and general updating. Finally listed my house for sale the end of January, and sold it in 2 days for over asking price and all cash. I then secured a wonderful ground floor apartment to move to in NW Ohio near my sons upon the completed sale of my home. In the meantime, I had also contracted with movers, as well as scheduled surgery for my hip replacement on January 11th, I believe it was. Well, my hospital was closed the Friday before due to increased Covid cases, and my surgery was cancelled. I didn’t have time to reschedule and still heal by the time I had to move, which was March 4th.

Cut to the chase already….so here I am in lovely Vermilion, Ohio, in my spacious and beautiful apartment right on Lake Erie. My hip surgery was on May 4th, so I’m almost 4 weeks out and ready to resume my life. Endless months of pain, depression, loss, and physical and mental healing have culminated in a positive revealing of my new life. I’m ready to rejoin the human race at nearly 72 years old.

Which brings me to my true passion, building miniature houses. I had thought I wouldn’t rediscover my interest, but as I stare at the unfinished remains of Nantucket Cottage, I think a revamping of my original thoughts will realize my vision and renew my enthusiasm. So, someday soon, I will bring it down off the shelf and start revamping the interior to my new settled vision. Not quite yet, but soon.

This is approximately where it ended, and where I will begin again, as well as finishing the exterior shingling.
The entrance to my new home, my new life.

So, you’ll hear from me when I restart this project. I will be investing in a table saw or jig saw or whatever to make my life easier. I have lost my sounding board, my assistant Creative Developer, but he’ll still be sending me input and encouraging me along my way.

6 thoughts on “Renewed Hope, Renewed Thoughts…

  1. Oh Paula, what a time you have had. You have had a triple serving of grief, It is wonderful to see you back and joining us on some mini adventures. Best wishes for some good times ahead.


    1. Nice to hear from you again, Sherrill. Yes, I feel like a butterfly emerging from my cocoon, amazed to find a beautiful world still out there. It surely has been an ordeal, but now that I’m on the other side of pain and sorrow, I can still see some potential for this old lady. I’ll be cleared to drive on June 2, and I bought myself a 2018 RAV 4 to get me around and anything else I might run across in my travels around Northern Ohio. Looking forward to building again. Any recommendations on what type of saw I might need? I still use MDF or thin plywood to build my houses. Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Hi Paula! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see a post from you! I have thought about you often and wondered how you were getting along. You must be made of some strong stuff, and it sounds like you are finding your way in spite of monumental challenges.
    I am so excited to learn that you are picking back up on this project again! Your ideas are always so creative and inspirational! I can’t wait for the next post!


    1. Thanks, Jodi! I’m excited, too. I ordered a Proxxon 2 speed scroll saw and a work bench so I can manage by myself. Once everything is set up, I’ll be ready to dive back in.


  3. Sounds to me as though you are finding your feet, Paula, and that makes me happy. Strong people know how to turn a situation around and given a bit of time, you’re going to build a whole new life for yourself. I can’t wait for your to share your miniature projects with us.


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