A Whale of an Idea

While I was searching Pinterest for pics of shingled Nantucket cottages, I came across this gem. I thought “Wow! This would be perfect on the large back wall of my cottage”, so I searched for a website that does this artwork.

And I came across Mosaic Shingle -they have a bunch of ideas they can recreate on your shingled house. I was interested in how they built these marvels. If you look closely below, the fish is 2 dimensional because the top is covered by laser cut shingles that fit the design, while the bottom half of the fish actually lays over the top of the shingles.

They have a bunch of cool designs, but obviously I wanted to recreate a whale, since that is the theme of my cottage.

A side view showing how the shark is incorporated into the siding on your house. They actually cut the pieces and send them to you for a contractor to install. So cool.

So, I thought to myself “Self, you can do this. A little beforehand planning, a few cuts here and there and Voila! Perfection!” Well, not so fast. I did a lot of staring and I still had brain block. I finally decided I had to trace an image of a whale, then build it from thin roofing shingles so it wouldn’t create a lot of bulk. Glued the shingles to brown packing paper, then traced the whale outline onto the shingles.

So, I cut the excess paper and bottom shingles away around the lower body, and determined the exact placement on the shingles wall I had already started. I temporarily glued the whale in place so I could adjust it as I worked on it.

The bottom half of the whale overlaps the existing shingles, while the upper part of the whale shingles will be covered to the traced line by cedar shingles trimmed to fit the design.
The completed whale. I won’t regale you with the anguish I experienced with the cedar shingles chipping and splitting. Also, notice the tail is reconfigured. I needed to be able to keep the division on the whale to form the shingles around the tail, so I cut off the old one and redrew one that would work.
A close up view so you can see how patched the whale is. But don’t tell anyone, and they hopefully won’t notice. But it is done. Now to finish cedar shingling the wall. I know, Moby needs an eye and the tip of his tail. I’ll do that.

Hope you enjoyed this. I know I didn’t. Sooo glad it’s done, because I don’t like to give up!

4 thoughts on “A Whale of an Idea

  1. This is a super neat imitation of the real life cedar shingling design and I love how you worked it out! It’s going to be such a charming feature to the exterior design!


    1. Thanks! I always like to try to be different, and this cottage is just for my enjoyment anyway. I plan on weathering the siding, so it should look integrated when I’m done.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement. This took me days, as I would get so frustrated, I had to take a break and stare at it again. The piece by piece shingling got boring so I needed a distraction. Oh, I found it alright! But I like the satisfaction of trying something to make a build unique.


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