Tough Decisions….

Wish I was further along on this Nantucket Cottage, but I’m having a heck of a time imagining what I want it to be. I guess it’s turning into a former whaling sea captain’s cottage from the 1930’s or so, but updated while still honoring the original character. That’s my way of using white shiplap and wallpaper, but retaining some of the old charm. Hope I can get away with it.

What do I do now?

There have also been construction issues. I made a peak for the front, incorporating an 8 pane window as well as an oval window at the peak to mimic the oval on the front screen door. Two problems with that – the 6” wall turned out to be about 3/8” short, so I had to add a strip of wood to the side, throwing off the mid point of the roof peak. So I thought I’d be clever and put vertical clapboard siding on the peak to camouflage the unevenness. Looks like crap. Knowing there was nothing left to do but rip off that 6 3/8 section, I managed to cut thru the hot glue.

Now I had to saw off the peak and redraw the corrected peak angle and glue the new one on. So I did. Ta-Da.

Since I had originally neglected to cut the hole for the oval window, I did that now. But, the 8 pane window had been installed on center based on the original peak, so it is slightly askew. I didn’t think I could get the window detached because I had used hot glue under the shutters, too. So, I’m hoping that once I finish the exterior with a million shingles and scads of roses growing everywhere, the unaligned windows will just be a memory.

So, I’ve got all the windows installed and painted, as well as the wood floor. I used Minwax Classic Grey stain for that since I had it leftover from doing some remodeling on my actual home. It seems too dark, tho, and I have been considering painting or stenciling a “rug” on the floor after I lighten the wood a little with a white wash.

I have shiplap on some downstairs walls, and as wainscoting beneath the navy blue anchor wall paper. It’s not all painted yet. I made the wood-look and brick fireplace, too. Although I originally planned on making the open side the living room, my husband has since convinced me to move the living room to the wallpapered section and have the kitchen/dining area in front. Sometimes I need another opinion because I get “stuck” in my thinking. He’s my design sounding board.

So, baby steps here. The shiplap ceiling in the living area will be white now instead of brown because the wallpaper and floor darkens the area too much. I need to lighten it up in there. Can’t get my head around furnishings, tho. Probably somewhere in the line of “nautical farmhouse”, like my home. I need some whales, a ship steering wheel, and pictures of old whaling ships on the walls. We’ll see. Til next time.

2 thoughts on “Tough Decisions….

  1. I love the ship lap effect and I think you’re right about not even noticing the window spacing when all is said and done! I also love the wallpaper and the placement of the living room near the front door. It is always good to have a fresh set of eyes and your husband seems to give great advice! Love the progress and can’t wait to see more of your ideas come to life!


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