Nantucket Cottage

Well, here I go again. I know, I vowed I wouldn’t but I can’t help myself. I’m addicted. I did sew alot more blocks for my coastal quilt, but I can’t keep focused. It will happen, tho not anytime in the near future. This isolation with the pandemic has me stir crazy, and I’m a self-professed Home Body! While mulling around for something to build, I “dog-eared” several houses from I just love Caroline’s builds, and decided I would use her floor plan for “The Sweet Life” from March, 2017, with a few changes of my own. Simply put, I like the “L” shaped design, with a bump out for a fireplace, and the way the ceiling opens up to the rafters. Most of all, I love the idea of viewing the house from the side, rather than the back! So clever! This way I can place it on my large end table by where I sit everyday, with the front facing out and I can see inside from my perch on my loveseat! TaDa! Mine is also 14” x 15”, and will be about 20 1/2” tall, as I like more room in the loft. As much as I love Shabby Chic, I am fascinated by the shingled cottages on Nantucket. And whales. And the time frame around 1920-1930 or so, but somewhat updated while still appreciating another era. I want the inside to look beachy, but not modern beachy. Gee, I think I’ve complicated things.

So, I could have built this from scratch, but I happen to have 2 house kits from Greenleaf that I’ve decided I don’t want to build, one of which is The Laurel (it’s just too big. The other is The Aster cottage). I had contemplated selling them on FB Martketplace, but I paid a lot of $$ for these and know I couldn’t get much for them. So, I realized I could just modify the house to suit my needs. Eliminating the wraparound porch brought the house down to a more compact size, with the interior width at 11”, and added a 5”x6” bump out. I cut down the length to 14” and created a back wall, with the opening on the side. Then I cut my own window and door openings and made a new wall for the fireplace.

Open side

So, I’ve laid the popsicle stick floor, now wondering what color to paint/stain it. Toying with stenciling part of it, and maybe board and baten back wall (on the left). I’ve ordered 1000 shingles for the outside, and the windows.

Floor laid and screen door mounted

Well, that’s where I am right now. Going to go slowly with my design decisions, as I would like to go the navy and white route, but don’t want a “new” look. Aging everything might be in order. So, that’s what I’m up to. Be back soon.

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