Structural change….

Meant to mention in my post yesterday that I’ve rethunk (that’s my word) my decision to make the roof come off over the main room. It would just make viewing the cabin awkward because of the kitchen being a back viewing. So, I will attempt to hinge the back wall to the short side instead of hinging the roof. It may take some creative thunking (must be consistent. I’m losing my mind here.) but I’ll get it done. Just sayin’.

One thought on “Structural change….

  1. One of my favorite things about these builds is the problem solving along the way. You might consider using magnets to fasten a removable wall. I super glue a 1/4” magnet in each corner of the build and then put a metal thumbtack into the opposing area of the wall. It’s easier then messing with tiny hinges. You can also make a trough for the wall to drop into, then use only one or two magnets to hold the top edge in.


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