Response to Sherrill’s suggestion

I’m making this a blog reply because I want to include a picture. As you can see, the back wall is quite large and will be cut from 1/8″ MDF.See the hinge? I bought 2 that I ordered from Vertex Hinges. It’s made of brass, and I believe it is 4″ long. I could mount it to the inside of the interior wall. It would be sturdy and I think it’s feasible as long as I can mount it securely. It might take some beefing up with strips of wood to give me a base to work from.

I like your idea of magnets, too. I’m torn – but I would need more like industrial magnets or strip magnets to handle the weight of the MDF, I suppose. It would certainly work on smaller, lightweight panels and be easier than hinges.

This will take some mulling over and experimenting. Guess my first step would be to cut the thing out and go from there. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks, Sherrill!

4 thoughts on “Response to Sherrill’s suggestion

  1. It looks like you have it all figured out for this project. Your 4” hinge should do the job. You might want to be on the lookout for how people are using magnets in their projects for your future builds. Unfortunately I don’t have anything posted that shows how I used them. Email me at sanecessary at comcast dot net and I’ll send photos. (Replace the words with @ and .)


    1. Oh my gosh! I love her idea of a sliding wall! How ingenious is that! And then there are magnets, too. I’m going to use a base larger than cabin, because there will be an outhouse, campfire, stacked firewood, landscaping, whatever. Plus, I’d have to build an inner border to atttach the magnets. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll cut the back out and see what works.

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