Log Cabin updates….

I’ve been at work sporadically on the cabin, finding that design decisions and execution are harder with this build because I’m not that familiar with what it should look like. I’ve gone back and aged some areas, and I’ve made the tin roof for over the front porch. I just have to cut a piece of wood to mount it on, make posts, and stairs.I took the unshiny side of aluminum foil and formed it over a piece of corrugated cardboard. To keep it from looking new, I mashed it here and there and attempted to add some rust.

The inside walls are almost done. The white areas between the boards is not caulk – I had primed all the walls white, and it really looks like I filled the cracks, but I didn’t.The large wall in the kitchen was finished in logs, as this is an outside wall of the original cabin (in my imaginary world).I cleaned up the errant caulk, and I’m now ready to attach the roof over this section. Work has continued on the main room, with the walls almost done. Next will be a loft on the large wall. And I’m making bricks from wood to line the boarded over door on the right side. The pot belly stove will be in that corner, so I intend to line the floor and walls with fake brick.Lots of wood in log cabins! The ceilings should be wood lined, too. I feel like I’m in a colorless world. Where are all the pure colors I love? I’ve started piecing a queen quilt to sink myself in color and cotton. I need a change every once in a while.This soothes my soul.

That’s it! Really doesn’t look like I’ve done much, but it will all come together by April 1st. Needs to – it will be leaving for it’s permanent home.

3 thoughts on “Log Cabin updates….

    1. Thanks, Sherrill. Your hall tree in your last post just amazed me with your resourcefulness! Your precision sends me into depressions! Yes, still banging along on the log cabin. It is starting to look like something my son will like, just getting bored with all this wood. Those are just 8” quilt squares that will become the quilt. Trying to pull in colors from my coastal life – colors of the sea, shells, and shore. I did make a mini quilt for the bed in my first build, Rosebud Cottage. Need something rugged looking for the cabin, tho. Thanks for tuning in!

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