Forgot to mention…..

Since I am going to enclose the back of the log cabin to get more wall space, I will need another way to get access to the room. I’ve decided I will hinge the roof so it will swing back over the shed addition. Knowing I would need some sturdy hinges not of the miniature variety, I found cabinet hinges used for jewelry boxes and homemade chests. I ordered two in brass, I think 4 inches long each. Very sturdy and will surely hold the weight of the wooden roof (which I will finish to look like metal). I’ve seen many antique houses made with a removable roof, but I wanted one that would just fold back.

AH HA! And you were wondering if I’d lost my mind enclosing the whole cabin and not realizing I would effectively shut myself out! Not a chance. I love the idea, because this structure just seemed too open to be effective as a cozy hideaway. Okay, now that’s resolved. Onward!

One thought on “Forgot to mention…..

  1. I had confidence that you would figure out the access. Another trick I use is industrial strength magnets. I use strong glue for a 1/4” magnet on, say, the roof, and then a metal thumbtack on the opposing surface. Using about two, the roof then could easily be lifted off, but would not fall off from jostling. I also use magnets for covers over batteries.


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