And All Through the House, There Arose Such a Clatter….

Windows are being washed, floors vacuumed, furniture is finished and is being arranged, lighting is being checked, the kitchen is getting filled, the painters are doing final touch ups, the gardeners are putting the final touches on the outside —- it’s coming soon – the Open House is just around the corner!

5 thoughts on “And All Through the House, There Arose Such a Clatter….

    1. Yesterday I visited your amazing post “Summer in New Orleans”, and it blew me away. Your work is the ultimate in perfection with every detail executed perfectly. I appreciate your encouragement coming from an expert such as you. At the time I saw your ceilings and the fact that you can turn your entire house upside down and nothing falls apart, I was just going to embark on taking the finished photos of my cottage for publishing today. I almost quit right there! Over the course of the day, however, I came to understand that we each have our own styles and methods. While you embrace Victorian details and exquisite Tea Shops (sigh), I’m called to more of a casual, cozy atmosphere. We let our own individual creative tendencies (and abilities) take the lead, which is as it should be. It is with this rationale in mind that today, I will publish my French Country Windmill Cottage. Thanks for all your inspiration!

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