Sneak Peak

Just to keep you interested while I work on completing the French Country Windmill Cottage – it’s coming along nicely. Finishing inside details before I attach the roof. Here’s a glimpse of the outside…..Yes, I rebuilt the blades of the windmill for a French look, color washed the outside stucco and added some vegetation. Hope this piques your interest until the final reveal…..

4 thoughts on “Sneak Peak

  1. Oh my gosh it’s looking so wonderful! I love the texture and color of the stucco and set against the trim color gives a very Parisian feel! The sails look amazing also, and I am so excited to see the big reveal! I hope the finishing touches are going together seamlessly for you!


    1. Thanks for the encouraging feedback! I glued on the domed and shed roofs yesterday, only to realize this morning that I neglected to finish the inside of the shed ones – so off they came! It’s better I do it now than wait until I’ve thatched everything and then I would have had to settle for something besides a wood ceiling – it would dash my dreams. Yes, I am very happy with how it’s turning out – I just tackle one issue at a time, and it’s all coming together.


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