Decisions, Decisions

I think (hope) I’ve conquered my indecisiveness. Sherrill from So Many Minis suggested I use foam core to make the roof for the cottage. I only had 1/8 inch foam core, and luckily, my husband and I were traveling to Wilmington (NC) from our little coastal town 45 minutes away and we always visit Hobby Lobby. Picked up two large sheets of 3/16″ foam core. Sherrill referred me to 1 inch minis by Kris to view her method of scoring foam core to get it to bend. Yep! It worked…thanks Sherrill!I first made a cardboard pattern of the roof line and then traced it onto the foam core. I then measured every 3/16″ and scored it with a small craft knife. It was perfect because it cut all the way thru with one pass except for the paper backing. You can see what a great curve I’ve got. In the following shots, you can see that since I finally had the roof figured out, I could go ahead and stucco the outside. I used a whole quart of stucco on just the outside walls and the fireplace! Just enough.I know the stucco looks rough, but I even went over it with a wet putty knife. It doesn’t look so bad in person. That piece of wood hanging off the side of the roof will be replaced by foam core. I need to extend that part to connect with the angle in the front wall so the shed roof can come off of it. I’m working on replacing the 2nd floor corner posts with square ones to attach the arches that support the shape of the roof. And the inside of the roof will be papered with scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby in a cream crackle – I think it looks like old, cracked mortar, similar to the picture I posted last time.This is what I’m trying to mimic. But I will be putting up rafters, too. And last but not least, this is the coconut basket liner I mentioned that uses for roof thatching. I got it at Lowe’s for $4.98 – just cut to shape and glue it on.Next time I post, the roof will be on and all the inside construction details completed. Then I’m going to remake the actual windmill like they really look. The one I made looks like a pinwheel, for Pete’s sake!All I had to do was look on Google to realize this is way, way off base. I will fix it.Hmm…I like the Dutch one, too, but I should go French.Okay, tata ’til next time!

2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I saw your post over the weekend on my phone and have just been chomping at the bit to get onto my pc where I could get a better look at the photos! Sherrill’s suggestion of foam core was perfect and I love the effect you were able to achieve with it! The roof looks awesome! Thank goodness for folks like Kris and Sherrill for passing on such excellent ideas!
    I think the stucco looks great and indicative of what an old mill with thick walls would have looked like. After you get some washes and shading on the corners I am sure you are going to love the way it looks! I think you may also be able to sand it a bit if there are specific areas that you want to adjust.
    I like the crackle effect paper for the ceilings and can’t wait to see them installed. The whole pallet is looking sunny and happy!
    I am also excited to see the coconut husk roof and the new windmill design, though the pinwheel design is adorable, too, and since it’s minis you can make it however you like!
    Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I hope you are indulging in your incredible creativity and will share again soon!


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