Once I started….

So I think I might have the conundrum of the different roof angles figured out. Now I just need to determine what products to use. This next picture is where I cut a piece of cardboard 8′ x 8 ” to fit the front part of the shed roof up to the support. What I think I’ll do is cut that support down to just a beam to open up the space, or maybe off entirely and place my own thicker beam there. Then the domed roofline will be cut down until I can place a similar angled shed roof over the kitchen. That will give the loft more light, too.The roof sure did darken up the space – I’ll have to paint the insides of the roofs white to lighten everything up. What do you think of the corrugation on the outside? I was thinking it would modernize the structure a little bit by having a metal roof instead of a thatched one. Let’s see what the corrugation look like on the inside instead……I know it’s hard to see, but I cut a piece of cardboard for the back shed roof as well as turning the cardboard inside out, extending the roof from higher up on the dome because of the higher side wall. I placed a piece of cardboard behind it to close up that roofline, and shortened the dome so that the loft will now be open to the kitchen below. I think that will work except I have to cut the shed roofs from wood and place a vertical support post at the roofline change where the railing post is now.The above shot shows the converging roof lines from above. Not too bad. I think it can work. The dome right in front of us here will be shortened a bit, too, to make a nicer transition. Wha’da think? I think I’ve got a start on it. Caroline Dupuis from cinderellamoments.com started using the basket liners for wire plant hanging baskets for her thatch instead of gluing everything on in batches and trimming like mad. You just lay it on top of your roof and glue it on. I’ll have to look into that. Maybe the shed rooftops could be shingled since they will be made of wood unless that would look too patchy.

Well, I think I need to build my roof supports and angles, and then I should get to stuccoing the outside of the cottage before I finalize on the roof. At least now I know the wall heights I have won’t be an issue, so I can move ahead. Whew! Still open to suggestions for the inside ceilings of all the roofs.

5 thoughts on “Once I started….

  1. I think you’ve got it! Both roof choices would be nice, thatch and corrugated metal. On the inside of the dome roof you could paint it white like the walls and add about 4 beams front to back.


    1. Sherrill, thanks for your input. I appreciate it so much. I do bounce things off my husband just to get his uninvolved opinion. Except he doesn’t have any spatial abilities and just can’t envision what I’m trying to convey. I do like your idea of foam core the more I think about it. I have some here I’ll try scoring. And, like you said, then I can do whatever I want inside and out. I think corrugated metal might not be in keeping with the feel of the inside, could ruin the ambience, plus a cardboard roof doesn’t smack of permanence. I don’t want to go too modern. Again, thanks for listening.


      1. Hah! I know what you mean about the “uninvolved opinion.” It takes a miniaturist to understand at miniaturist. What is good about foam core is that you can also cut curves. You can delay the purchase of a scroll saw!


  2. I am really liking the height that this roof configuration adds to the inside. It gives it a nice airy feel and makes the spaces feel roomier. It seems in my mind like if the entire interior surface for all roofs are painted white that would modernize the feel. If each roof section is treated as separate parts that would lend itself to a more cottage-y feeling. It might be fun, once you have the pieces settled, to tape some printer paper to them to see if a white ceiling throughout with aged beams gives you both the light and the look you have in your mind’s eye. And bless our husband’s hearts for supporting us as much as they can when they just don’t have the artistic vision like we do! :O)


    1. Thanks, Jodi. You make a good point about all white ceilings. I have decided to leave the sheds roofs at two different heights just for that cottage-y feel and make the structure look like it was converted to a cottage from an abandoned windmill. Different textures and heights will help achieve that look. I will use your suggestion about printer paper to determine where white will be appropriate. Thanks for the suggestions! And I do appreciate my husband’s support especially as the resulting structures end up being staged around our home.


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