Better pic to form ideas

Quickly, here I’ve place the arch at the area where the roof changes angles. This makes it a little easier to imagine…..I can see now where the extended curved roof will essentially create a wall on the right side of the loft. Maybe I should take off that railing and just enclose the loft on that one side…..more later.

3 thoughts on “Better pic to form ideas

  1. This is a wonderful build. I’m really enjoying following your decision process. As for the roof, if it were mine, I would use 1/4” foam core which is found at Michael’s and other craft stores and can be cut with a new X-Acto knife blade and glued with any craft glue. For the curved part of the roof you can use a technique used by 1-Inch Minis by Kris. This link,, is for a parsons chair with a curved back. Scroll to toward the end and you will see where she scores the paper surface in parallel lines to form the curve shape. You could make your cuts about every half inch. You can use any material you want to cover the outside and inside. Then you could use the foam core to raise the front wall and construct a shed roof over the kitchen.


    1. I do follow 1inchminisbykris. I have her French sofa kit to build for this cottage. I’ll have to take a look at her blog and see how she did the curves by scoring. And I do have some foam core – once I deconstruct the mess I’ve made, I’ll look into making the shed roof all the same height. It shouldn’t be a big earl and will give more height to the entryway. Thanks so much for your ideas!


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