Let’s Skip Ahead…

Sorry for the delay….we had company the beginning of April, so I had to clean out the guest room closet of all my boxes of miniatures and stash them somewhere else. Then, I got the flu for 3 weeks, and with my weaker constitution from cancer two years ago, and my forthcoming 70th birthday – well, let’s just say I don’t bounce back as quickly as I used to. But I’m back and I’ve been working on my French Country Windmill Cottage. With just a few details left to finish the inside walls, I had to erect the 3 walls so I could gauge how the staircase will fit and the upper floor for the tiny bedroom.So, the stairs will go as shown (approximately). The small bedroom floor will fit right above the french door casing. You can see it in the 1st pic under the french doors to give you an idea of how it will look – only one flight up. I had originally planned on having the 2nd floor extend all along that one side to the top of the left Palladian window, just cutting out an opening for the stairwell. I was going to make a tiny bathroom there in the front part over the stairs, but changed my mind. It would make the bottom floor too dark and hide the strikingly charming front wall. So, the bedroom loft will be supported by two rustic square columns at the outside corners, and some kind of railing around it. Here are pics from different angles.As you can see in the first pic in this series, the right wall will be the kitchen, with the sink and stove under the large window. I think I might have room for a small island, and then the dining table will be under the 2nd floor by the french doors. The sitting room is by the fireplace – I will be making a small French sofa and then see what else I have room for. I’ve kept the color scheme the same thruout the small space to keep it cohesive. The light yellow color is actually “Buff” in chalk paint from Plaid, as is the “Sage” on the windows. The kitchen components are in a pale yellow as well. My next decision will be how to manage a roof. I want to keep the half-circle concept of the front wall going all the way to the back, and the rest of the ceiling to the right will be angled with rafters. I also want the whole ceiling to be made of wood planks inside and wide corrugated cardboard outside. The whole of the outside walls will be covered in stucco, (which is what I tried out on the fireplace), with some exposed stone work like the inside. The dimensions are 15″ wide and tall, except the front is 12 1/2″ from the recessed front door to the stairway wall, and 16″ deep. It would be a square if the roof wasn’t round!

So that’s it for my update. Next post should show what kind of mess I’ve made of the roof. I’ve learned so much about how to execute my ideas, so I’m hoping I haven’t run out of problem solving brain cells. Hope you like it so far…

4 thoughts on “Let’s Skip Ahead…

  1. What a font of creativity you are! I just noticed your blog on Jodi’s list and followed your adventure from the beginning. I’m impressed with your fearless approach to projects and techniques. I’m a new blogger too, and will happily follow yours.


    1. Thanks for your nice comments and following my blog, Sherrill. This hobby has given me countless hours of contentment in my recovery. It evolved from Tim Holtz’ paper houses because paper was not enough for me. I have a variety of about 5 kits stuffed under the guest room bed right now, just waiting for me. I look forward to many more builds, altho I’m not sure what I’m gong to do with them all!


  2. What a lovely update! I love how the cottage is coming along and with the tree walls up you can really appreciate the space and layout you’ve created! The rock wall and fireplace are so quaint and interesting, and the stairs and loft look like they are in the perfect location to appreciate all the separate living spaces once furnished and decorated! I love your approach to the building – you are going to make this one spectacular and unique house when all is finished! Can’t wait to see the kitchen design and hope you are finding loads of healthy work time to make up for April! Glad you’re over the flu, and I am sure you’ve still got more problem solving and creative brain cells than most! The roof will be amazing!


    1. Thanks, Jodi! I’ve poured over Pinterest and amassed a mess of pics that I love about French Country. Unfortunately, I can only choose a few to imitate. Working on the loft first so I can better judge how to approach the roof. After watching so many episodes of Fixer Upper, I know I will need some support beams! I appreciate your continues interest in my project.


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