Here We Go Again!

As soon as I was done with Storybook Farm, I knew I wanted to build either Baslow Ranch by Greenleaf Dollhouses, or Loganberry Mill Dollhouse.Both very intriguing options. However, I fell in love with the windmill and French Country, so Loganberry it is. My enthusiasm dimmed somewhat when I realized how small the Mill House is. The stated dimensions are 15″ wide by 8″ deep and 16″ tall. Once I dry fitted it together so I could visualize the dimensions, I was even more discouraged.I can’t even fit a staircase in there, let alone any significant furniture. A second story must have a staircase or ladder in my opinion. A lot of people eliminate them because they take up too much room, but why bother building at all if you don’t attempt to make it realistic? And if you eliminate a bathroom, the era must allow for an outhouse. Anyway, moving on. My other concern is that the rooms aren’t very tall. The downstairs is 7 1/2 inches in height to allow the floor to be 1/2″ off the ground (to allow for an entrance step?). I prefer 9″ to allow for furniture height and chandeliers and/or beams, etc. This upstairs is 8″, which I can live with, although it’s a curved roof and half the width of the downstairs because of the accompanying shed-style angle. To top it all off, my measurement of the width is 12 1/2″, not 15″. Where did the other 2 1/2″ go?You can see, above, that I decided to double the depth to 16″ to give me more room to create, but the width remains at 12 1/2″. As compensation, I’ve decided to eliminate the top floor beneath the shed type roof, thus allowing for a slanted ceiling along one side of the house to give it the appearance of openness. I’m also going to attempt to raise the side walls on the extension to 9″ (and extra 1 1/2″) to give me more head room in the back half. This is because the standard door opening is 7″ high, plus you need room for the door trim. With only 7 1/2″ to work with, this makes planning windows and doors extremely difficult. I want a pair of French doors off the dining room to a patio, which I can’t do without giving myself more headroom. I’ve even drawn up plans on graph paper to help me visualize the house from all angles.Have I made you drift off to sleep yet? That’s okay. I want to do this so I have a record of my ramblings. Lol. So, I’ve run out of 1/8th inch basswood sheet plywood until I get my order from Dick Blick (art & hobby supplies). So with my one remaining piece, I cut out the extension on the main floor and the upstairs addition.

I have received my order from England of the terra cotta brick compound and the brick stencils. One is herringbone for the main floor and the other is for arched windows inside or out. I hope to work on the herringbone brick floor tomorrow so I’m ready for the walls when the additional plywood arrives. It has been a slow start waiting for supplies.

I did build the windmill as well. I followed the picture on the Greenleaf site, and it has turned out really well!I had 12 inch barbecue skewers on hand, and the size is perfect. I will attach it after I cut the openings for the windows – which I don’t have yet, either.

So, that’s about the state of things as they stand right now. I’ve had all kinds of expansive design ideas in my head, and I’ve ordered kitchen appliances just to realize I may not have the room for them. This will be an on going surprise. I’ve already decided that if this structure doesn’t fulfill my dreams of French Country, I’ll just have to build another house in that style after this one. Perhaps the French Mansard Roof Dollhouse by I have Caroline Dupuis’ book that tells me how!Au revoir!

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