Storybook Farm is Finished

Actually, I finished it around Feb 16th – down to the last detail. So now what I’ll do here is show the final pics with some explanations where necessary.The last to be completed, the exterior, gets to a point where you have to tell yourself, “Enough, all ready!” It can be overdone, but I think I stopped in time. If you want it to look realistic, you have to put in the details. So, from left to right, the chicken yard is enclosed by stone pillars connected by fencing, both of which I made myself. I also made the structure supporting the wisteria and strung fairy lights as well. The gate has a pointed arch over top.The bears have a cottage enterprise where they are selling fresh eggs, apple pies, and honey from their own hive. The bubblebees are everywhere on the wisteria and roses. You can just see the little chicken ladder up to the coop, and their pet parrot perched on top of a pillar. I laid artificial moss in between paving stones for the entire patio area, and made the wreath on the screen door.In the first pic, you can see the water fountain attached to the wall to provide water for the chickens and bees. The above pic shows, the little shelving unit I made to display the items for sale. There is a basket of eggs, jars of honey, and 2 apple pies (hidden, but there). In the bottom left corner you can just catch a glimpse of the hive. Of course, the chickens are wandering looking for bugs.Here’s a good night time shot with the fairy lights illuminating the bee hive, and the chicken coop and chickens.And another, a little farther away. I made the blue screen door, too. Here’s a closeup of the front of the house, with the lavender phlox, the flowering tree, the front porch with the hanging flowers, and the mailbox and front door wreath. I’ve since made little letters for the mailbox and some packages that were delivered on the front porch, as well as a shade for the front door. There’s also a porch light to show the way at night.This is a pic of both my bear houses with their outside lights on. Now to the completed interior…Here is the inside all lit up, with a view of the side patio from the back. Now I’ll take you room by room.Two different angles of the kitchen. The turquoise screen door leads out to the chicken yard. I purchased all the components in this room, and painted most of them. I made all the chandeliers in the house ( 5 ). There are two here in the kitchen with bright white bulbs in them for more illumination. I wallpapered some walls with scrapbook paper, and painted the one wall yellow. I purchased the handmade tile behind the sink from Germany, glued beams to the ceiling, and made all the window coverings in the house, as well. Notice the cute corbels framing the door opening to the living room? Oh, and their pet dachshund, Dilbert, Dilly for short. Don’t know if you can see the tiny grey mouse under the kitchen sink, but he’s there!I plastered the walls in the living room to add texture, and built the stairs from scratch. Not a great job, but I wanted the staircase to turn on a landing before continuing upstairs. The floors are popsicle sticks painted with a white wash. I built the bookcase, the fireplace, and the window seat, as well as the little desk (on the right) under the stairs. It has a battery operated pretend oil lamp and a little bench seat. The fireplace has the same tiles as the kitchen, and a switch up inside the firebox to turn the lights simulating the fire on and off. I did the little painting of a tree over the bookcase, but the working grandfather clock was purchased. I painted it. Still need some accessories on the bookcase and the fireplace mantel to complete the scene.Upstairs, there is the bathroom over the kitchen. Everything in here was purchased except for the little bench I built and painted, and the chandelier. The floor is laid with diagonal popsicle sticks and some more tiles leftover from the kitchen and fireplace. I ran corrugated cardboard around the walls to simulate bead board, papered the two side walls with scrapbook paper, plastered the front wall and painted the area around the octagon window to match the wallpaper.And finally, the bedroom/craft room. Once again, grey washed popsicle stick floor. The large dormer was made into a bed, complete with headboard and footboard. This is a detail from a previous post showing Squeaky and Sky in the bed. I made all the bedding, wallpapered two walls with scrapbook paper, painted the rose painting on the wall, and built board and batten on the bottom of the wallpapered walls. Back to the top picture, I made the toy shelves, the window treatments and the chandelier. Alice (another character from storybooks, thus the name of the farm) is seated at the craft table where she sews for the family and makes miniature dollhouses.Lastly, a shot of the other side of the house showing the bay window, the lace curtains in the upstairs window, the stone trim which is all over the house, and the landscaping.There you have it. Storybook farm. Did you notice the chicken weathervane on the roof over the screen door? Details. I can’t believe I did this, but I love it. My next project is an old Mill House done in French Country style. So, I hope to transform this into something beautiful. This could take awhile!! Thanks for following me on my journey.

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