Moving into the final phase..

Finally, after 6 months, I’m practically done with Storybook Farm. Last pic I posted was when I was “stoning” the chimneys. Those came out well, and altho I didn’t allow for how much larger they would be with concrete and stones, they still fit within the aesthetic dimensions of the home. As I said, all the chandelier wire was fed up into the chimneys to the on-off switches and batteries, with the wires hidden under the shingles. Here is a pic of the whole interior lit up, altho still empty. Lots of beautiful light!The shingles were a job, as I learned on the last house. I think it took me about a week to color wash each shingle and hot glue it to the roof. I intend to count each one, but my estimated guess is around 800 individually painted and glued shingles. I will report back on the actual count. But, as you can see, the extra effort is worth it.The above pic shows some vines and flowers I glued to the corners and wrapped around the sides and roof. I needed some inspiration to keep going on the chicken yard. I also glued down “moss” on a base board to mount the house on. There will be more landscaping once the chickens have a yard to roam around in, and the bears will be selling fresh eggs! You can probably spot that the gable on the left doesn’t have the grey trim around the roofline like the other ones do. I will get to that – I’m always getting pulled away by another thought I had before I finish what I’m working on! Oh, and I finished the front porch except for flowers, etc.

Now, the side yard is not very large – I only allowed 6 inches out from the side of the house. I don’t want it to overwhelm the attractiveness of the main structure. I have to build steps down from the screen door, and lay some paving stones in the yard with flowers and trees (?) around the perimeter among the fencing which will be there.As you can see, I’ve already glued a small outdoor fountain/faucet to the side of the house by where the entrance gate will be. I made the garden fence pillars from 3/4″ pieces of balsa wood glued together, then covered in cement and flat paving stones. I’m thinking of having a tall post come out of each pillar so I can string battery powered fairy lights from them for lighting. And I’ll probably make some kind of arched trellis over the entry gate. I did buy the little chicken coop and there’s also a water pump as well. I’d like to place a bench in there somewhere, as this will be where visitors come to buy eggs. Then, except for landscaping, I’ll be done!

I’ve also been cutting into house time with a new hobby I’m trying out. Needle felting. My original thought was (and still may be), to make my own little animals for my houses. But, I have to start on the basics first, and here are my first 2 bunnies from needle felted wool….Oh, mousey was my very first attempt (she’s supposed to be sleeping), then came Snowflake, the polar cub. Actually, she was supposed to be a second mouse, but the head shape was all wrong, and she became a polar cub instead. My ultimate goal for my mice will not be realistic, but whimsical, like these examples I found on Pinterest…I have to graduate to metal armatures as a skeleton to wrap the wool onto. There are so many cute tiny animals out there just waiting for me to try. I have to get the basics down first…..I really don’t know why I do this to myself. I just refuse to stop trying, I guess!

Back at ya soon, with a finished Storybook Farm!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Moving into the final phase..

    1. Jolinda, Thank you so much! I’m so excited to have my blog go international! I’ve started my next build. It looks like a Dutch Windmill, however, I’m bashing it to become a French Country Mill House. Hope I don’t offend anyone! This will not be whimsical, so it’s out of my comfort realm. Hope you continue to follow – I have lots of future builds to come.


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