The Exterior

I’ve already shared some updates on my main blog, but will do so here as well.

My decision to plaster the whole outside of the cottage became apparent when I considered what mood the inside projected. My original intent to do clapboard siding painted a mellow green just didn’t suit the shabby chic interior. This is why I wait to do the exterior last. If I had completed the outside before the interior, I would have felt the need to be more classic, which I’m not. I’m more whimsical, especially when you consider my choice of inhabitants. Moving on, since the all white plaster was stark and without personality, I decided on a stone foundation and corners.I finished mortaring the stone yesterday – what a job. I used powdered mortar I ordered, and it was a bear to get it inside all the little cracks and then try to wipe it off the stone. You can see I decided to make stone chimneys as well. There is only one fireplace in the cottage, but I will be hiding the wires and on/off switch to the five chandeliers inside the chimneys. You can see some wires coming out of the corner of the house by the roof, and more at the top (in the previous picture). The fireplace switch is up inside the fireplace itself, and the outside porch light switch is under the bed covers in the loft.The interior lights are a soft white, while the porch light is a bright white, which is really bright. Thus the soft white on the inside. I still have to build the porch, but that will wait until after I paint the plaster with a base white to seal it, then a Valspar sample color called Cream in my Coffee.Originally, I was going to shingle the gables, but decided it would be overkill with the shingled roof. So, I’ve opted for a very subtle pink in Desert Bone instead. Then I will “age” the house with greens, tans, etc. and moss on some of the mortar and stone.

Back to the chimneys – I drew them and then built them out of cardstock, and taped them together with masking tape. However, when I went to “stone” them, the mortar wouldn’t stick to the tape. So, I ripped the stones off and recut the chimney structure from balsa wood and this time I’m using my concrete patch in a thick layer and then squishing the stones into each individual piece. When done, I will glue the four sides together and attach to the roof after I insert the lighting wires. The wires will be hidden under the shingles.So that’s where I’m at now. Working on stoning the eight sides of the chimneys.

Still having fun! And still don’t have a name for this cottage. Since there will be a side yard with chickens, I think the name should end in “Farm”. But what goes before that? Still waiting for the “farm” to speak to me, and it will. Until next time….

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