Farmhouse Bedroom – last room in the house!

Yes, I know. Long time no hear from. Well, I’m going to fix that now. I took about a month off from the farmhouse to devote to other projects – a puzzle, reading, a lot of goofing off, etc. You know, R&R. But, I’m back and forging ahead with blinders on, I guess, because I neglected to take any pics of my progress!! So I’ll just have to take you thru it bit by bit. Aren’t you the lucky one. So, let’s start.

I laid the popsicle floor much neater that I’ve done any of the others by making same size cuts and placement. You can see how much neater the floor looks – although I think a haphazard placement of sticks has its own merits as well. And I ended up with this grey wash of color (it’s just white in the pic below). I finally got my grey and pink color scheme that failed in the bathroom! Then I moved on to the wainscoting – wanted something different here, not just the usual corrugated cardboard. I used two different thicknesses of wood to create more of a (kinda) board and batten effect. Tried skinny sticks as well, but liked this look better. Originally, I had painted every other board white or medium grey -which was pretty, but looked like a circus tent or carnival. So I repainted it all white. Much better. Let’s throw in a picture here….The above picture shows so much more that I’ve done. I added the railings , leaving a walkway to get to the bathroom. The large alcove became the bed loft – I made the white comforter with the lace and ribbon trim, and the pillows as well. Sky and Squeaky like their little hideaway. I’ve placed some miniature toys around – the darling ship in front of the bed has wheels and soldiers, and there is a train set on the shelves to the left of the sleeping loft. I painted the picture on the wall, too.See the red and blue wires coming out the left side of the bed? Those are for a porch light I hung outside . Need to run those to connect with other wires for the chandeliers that will hide in a chimney on the roof. More on that later….I added all the trim around loft, the floors, and the ceiling, made lace curtains for the windows (with roses, too). The craft table I purchased bare wood and painted it shabby chic to blend with the floor. Alice is sitting at the sewing machine with her scissors at the ready – she still needs fabric and thread. There are two working drawers in the table, which I lined with the same wallpaper from the walls. I made the little bench Alice is sitting on. She also likes to make miniature dollhouses, and will start construction on one soon (the one on the shelf just above her head is made from metal, and the front opens. Bought it!) To the left is an iron and ironing board which I bought, as well as the soft pink rug on the floor.Above is a picture of the whole inside of the house in it’s current state. As you can see, the fireplace in the living room is lit to take the edge off the chill. I rigged it up with a red and an orange bulb which I wired onto a battery and switch that is tucked away up the inside of the fireplace. I only have to press the button right inside to light the fire. Let’s try for a closeup….It was easier just to take it out of the house – I didn’t glue it in. I gathered some sticks and bits and pieces from the flower beds to build around the two nano lights. So cool.So, I’m making the two chandeliers for the upstairs now, so I can hang them and then put the backside of the roof on the house. I also have to make shades for the bay window in the living room, as well as a sofa and chair. I’ll also enclose more of the staircase.

Unlike most miniaturists, I like to finish the inside before I move on to the outside. It gives me time to get a “feel” for how I want the outside to look, based on what I did inside. Each segment involves a lot of design time. I know when I’m happy with something, and then I get going on it. Sometimes I have to figure out how to execute the look I want. That also takes awhile.

I’ll post again after Christmas, so here’s wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas from all my minis and me!

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