Farmhouse Bathroom

Since finishing (almost….) with Rosebud Cottage, I have been working on the second floor of this larger bearhouse. Contemplating my next move and several more takes time and consideration – rather like playing chess only much more fun. Anyway, decided to make a diagonal layout on the bathroom floor along with a tile inset under where the tub will be. Two reasons for the tile – the wood floor would get soaked when Sky and Squeeky make a mess in their baths, and because I patched a cutout where the stairs were intended to go per the kit, but I attempted to fill it in with a piece of wood. Which I did, but somehow it didn’t glue in level. Because of the uneven floor, the wood wouldn’t lay down flat; so, since I had some tiles left from the downstairs, I made a pattern to fit under the tub.Initially, I had to lay down the wires from the downstairs chandeliers, as per the first photo in the above series. I snaked them across the floor to the front corner so I can continue to snake them up the outside of the house to a chimney I will be making. The switch(es) will be hidden there. This last picture doesn’t show the tile section glued down yet, but as you can see, the tiles will be much more flexible going over the bump in the floor. I then laid the strips in a diagonal with a border matching the one around the tiles under the tub. Just because I wanted to do something different.

That grey polka dot wallpaper was bothering me, though. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it (too contemporary?), although I had thought that a pink and grey bathroom would be cute. But there isn’t any pink or grey in the patterned tiles – green, blue, and yellow, yes. Grey and pink, no. So, I started searching through my sheets of scrapbooking paper until I found THE ONE!Of course, the grey paper didn’t want to come off the walls. I use this paste called YES!, and as long as you spread it evenly all over the back, it adheres beautifully without any bubbles or wrinkles. I suppose if I wanted to soak it, it would come off, but that’s not even remotely feasible. Anyway, I picked off what I could, and the new paper looks great! That left me with the muddle of what to do with the gable window. I couldn’t see myself wallpapering around an octagon, so I just papered the two sides, and mixed and splotched a bunch of paint until it mimicked the wallpaper. Pretty good job, huh? And I hand painted blue roses on the little bench. A medicine cabinet and a towel and TP holder, and it’s almost done. Except for teeny, tiny accessories which I don’t have now.Oh – I installed wainscoting from finely corrugated cardboard, painted it white and added trim all around. I still might put a small shelf by the tub to hold bath salts, etc. And a beautiful blue-green chandelier, of course!…and a curtain, towels, soap…..

So that’s as far as I’ve gotten – the only thing left is the pink bedroom. And I have some ideas for that – I think I’ll make an extended bed in the large gable bump out, make a railing to go around the staircase opening, some wainscoting – maybe wood slats – and a bleached grey wood floor. The rest of the room will be devoted as a craft room. Little did I know that Momma bear is a miniature dollhouse maker, and loves to quilt! I never would have guessed! Now that I have a plan, I will transform this empty space into a craft room for Momma and maybe a playroom for the girls!That’s it for now – I’ve got lots of work to do – better get busy!

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