Rosebud Cottage – some finishing touches, but not all

So, since our return from evacuating to Ohio because of Hurricane Florence, I decided to back up for a few weeks and work on some of the finishing touches for my first bear house, Rosebud Cottage. I never made any curtains for the windows, and never finished making bedding for the bed. So, that has been my focus, albeit a slow one because details make the house, but they also take the most time. Ok, that being said, the first thing I did was make window coverings for every window (and door). That’s 7 windows and 1 door. These decorating decisions take a lot of thought, as I don’t want to make something I don’t like and end up hanging it anyway. So, the 3 floor to ceiling windows on the right side of the house got lace roman shades with rose accents to still allow of light to come in. Very feminine and shabby chic. For the front door, I made a 2-sided regular (non-working) shade out of scraps of wallpaper that I’ve used in the shabby chic farmhouse I’m working on now (scrapbook paper, actually). I love how that turned out. And then the 2 windows in the corner by the table were made with lace again, but drawn to the side and tied with a pink ribbon and a rose. I pinned the fabric to cardboard, then gathered the lace fold by fold with quilting pins until I got it how I liked it. I then sprayed it with several layers of cheap (extra hold) hairspray. Remember Aqua Net? They still make it! It just stiffened the lace enough to let it hold it’s shape while I sewed it to a bamboo skewer painted white; tied on the ribbon and tacked on the rose. Ta-Da!Upstairs, I made a pink, bamboo blind for the dormer window, and cafe curtains in blue (to match the chandelier) for the front cathedral window. I used these skinny sticks that I found at Walmart to make the roller blind. I wrapped each end of a stick in a heavy beading thread and just kept adding sticks until it was the length I wanted. I had previously painted the sticks with white, then haphazardly hit it with pink paint. Wanted to keep that slightly imperfect shabby chic look.Doesn’t it all look so pretty – inside and from outside. I like the pics showing how the battery operated chandeliers light up the space at night. As you can see in the above picture of the main floor, I still have to put sticks and logs in the fireplace, and I think I’ve decided to make it a “working” fireplace, with lights that will mimic a real fire. They are tiny LED lights (like the ones in the chandeliers) except you buy them in red, orange, or yellow. You hide the lights inside the sticks and moss and whatever you have in the base of the fireplace, and run the wires up the inside of the fireplace out of sight where they hook up to a cell battery that I will glue to inside top of the mantle. It has a switch hidden, too, to turn the fireplace “on” and “off”. I will be doing the same thing for the 2 fireplaces in the larger bear house I’m building now. (Still haven’t thought of a name for it).

Okay, so, today I finished making the shabby chic bedding for the bed upstairs. These bears are so tiny, that both can fit in one bed. I had previously built the bed and made the mattress, but never made sheets and pillows, etc. I used fabric left over from their chairs and some other fabric that I purchased for the new house. Because of my background as a quilter for decades, I knew I had to make a patchwork quilt for their bed. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself I didn’t, so I cut 1 1/4″ squares and hand sewed them together; used flannel as a filler, and hand quilted it. I made some patchwork pillows covered in lace, lace edged white pillows, and a white comforter edged in box pleated trim to glam up the bed. Rosebud and Charleen both love how soft the bed is now, and love just rolling around in it. I finally got them to sit still so I could take some pictures to show everyone.Okay, that’s it for now. Like I said, I still have the fireplace to work on, and I need to make some teeny tiny letters to stick out of the mailbox. Then I’ll really be done…..unless I feel the need to decorate the cottage for Christmas!!

Hope you enjoy watching my houses develop over time as much as I do. I never thought I would find this fun, but it thrills the hell out of me to create something that’s so darn cute. I love being able to use my imagination to make it come to life!

Now I’m ready to go back to the Farmhouse and start work on the upstairs. I’ve been away from it so long, I have to figure out what’s next. Have to make sure you build in the right order, or you could back yourself into a corner and mess it up. Check back in a couple weeks!

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