Bear House is coming along nicely

I don’t even know where to begin because I’ve just been working away and not blogging, but I have been taking pictures. I put up curtains on the front door and the front living room window. Also, I finally received the German porcelain tiles I ordered for the sink backsplash. Oh, the kitchen sink finally arrived as well.As you can see, I also made a corner fireplace and tiled the front and the hearth, too. I thought it would do a lot for the overall look to carry some common features into the living room. The sink turned out well – after careful measuring and gluing the tiles on, I decided the underside needed a more finished look, so I did the narrow wainscoting underneath, as well as gluing on a strip of wood to help support the sink. That worked out very well. Now I’m ready for the Wall!I repainted the icebox because it was hideous. I picked up a small craft paint bottle of gloss enamel to paint the stove and redo the icebox. Turned out much nicer looking than flat paint. The soft yellow cupboard is glued in place. I did order a few accessories for the kitchen, the egg basket you see on the sink, a bowl with two broken eggs and a whisk, two towels, and some extra eggs for when I build the chicken coop in the garden outside the kitchen.Oh, also got that cute little “rag” rug on the floor, and was finally able to fasten the screen door on. Squeaky and Sky are very excited that Mom Laura will now be able to cook! I have also painted the wall surrounding the screen door yellow, as that was the only plain white wall left in the kitchen and it needed some help. I’ve been working on the 3 (working!) chandeliers for the main floor, and managed to put one up, as well as hanging 2 shelves I made over the stove for pots and pans.Lookin’ darn cute! I love it. One more chandelier over the table, and the kitchen is done. I have some plates and cups that need to be stored in the yellow cupboard over the sink, but that’s it – until I fuss and think of something else….

Onto the living room. I made this desk for under the stairs (needs a drawer pull) and the book case. The window seat needs somewhere to store the books that will be read there.So, below is the overall look of the living room so far. I still have to put logs and moss in the fireplace and insert the battery operated lighting that will simulate a fire! Next is construction of 2 cozy armchairs to pull up to the fireplace on those chilly North Carolina winter nights. Going to rig up something to partially cover the windows in the bay as well. Here is the overall view of the downstairs so far. Once all the chandeliers are hung in place, it’s onto the second floor!An overview of the bottom floor …

Check back in a couple weeks for more updates! Oh! Here’s a shot of Mama Bear Laura all ready to duck out the back door and head to the market and the butcher!

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