Not a lot….more waiting

So, I’ve just wiped out what I did type already by hitting the back arrow. Who knew? Just everyone but me. Let’s see how far I didn’t get recently…I’ve painted the plaster to seal it, painted a tin ceiling looking paper a color called “cloud” by Martha Stewart and used it on the peaked ceiling of the sun room, too. Trimmed out the ceiling and floor in the living room, and started painting the appliances. I painted the table and chairs – they’re done. I painted roses on the table, painted the legs green, and painted roses on the backs of the four chairs. That item on the left is the ice box.I started painting it white, then a pearl white/grey, now it’s yellow and green. The cupboard on the left is purchased, but I love the creamy yellow (it’s upside down, by the way). So, I used daffodil from the Martha Stewart collection to paint the ice box to kinda match. I’m not the greatest mini painter, but it will be tucked back in the corner in the kitchen and no one will notice.So, base painted the wood stove white – Dave says I should find a gloss white for it so it looks like porcelain. Maybe. It has an oven rack, a silver railing for across the front, and gold ball handles for the small oven doors. Why silver and gold?This is where the cabinet will go over the sink on the dividing wall.You can see that this will be a crowded kitchen – no wonder I had to build on the sunroom to accommodate the table. You need a big house to make a nice kitchen. My decorating period for this is around the 1920’s to 30’s, I guess. Ice boxes, wood stoves, and an old fashioned sink. But, I’m not gonna do modern and I don’t want Victorian, so this is the period I’m left with. And I like that. There’s a great old fashioned electric refrigerator out there, but it’s $60!!! I don’t love it that much yet. I’ll stick with the ice box. My dad remembered an ice box on the farm, and he was born in the 1920’s, so it’s not unreasonable.

I should be making the 5 or 6 chandeliers I’ll need to light up the house while I’m waiting for the sink, fabric to make the chairs, and hinges for the screen door. I don’t want to move to the second floor before I get the dividing wall for the kitchen solidly in place. I have miniature ceramic tiles I ordered from Germany to be the backsplash behind the sink.Aren’t they cute? Tulips and hearts in green, yellow and navy. I have 30 printed tiles and 100 cream tiles. I won’t be using them all on this house. Can you imagine making such tiny ceramic tiles? Imagine me gluing them in straight lines, and then grouting them! But, they will “make” the kitchen with the yellow cupboard and white antique sink!I love the texture of the plaster on these two walls. The bay window will become a window seat for reading once I get my fabric and make a cushion and pillows. Curtains will be lace? Roman shades? Something.

Okay, I’m done talking about nothing. Tomorrow will hopefully be a more productive day.

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