Moving Right Along

So, I cut a pattern on paper of the floor in the kitchen and sunroom, painted it brown, then glued the individual vinyl tiles on the paper. The brown can be seen between the tiles, eliminating the need for some kind of fake grout. With that done, I just ran the glue bottle all over the wood and pressed the tile paper on top. Perfect!See the ceiling? I had glued that in permanently. The beams 4 white beams I glued on the ceiling did the trick to keep it from warping before installation. The pretty screen door is not mounted in place yet, still waiting on the hinges. Squeaky and Sky couldn’t wait any longer to see their new house. They even carried over the bench from the porch of Rosebud Cottage so they had somewhere to sit and watch the progress. They can’t wait for their Mum, (Laura), to start baking in the new kitchen….That’s Laura on the left, Grandma Katherine on the right. I don’t have a house big enough for Katherine, she’s 6 1/4 inches tall. The ceilings in the cottages are only 8″ high – she’ll be dropping by often to visit – we’ll keep a larger chair for her to sit comfortably. Sky and Squeaky are a little intimidated by her size, but pretty soon, they won’t even notice.

I did rebuild the bay window, dry fitting to make sure it would cover the window opening. I then glued it to the house, and attached the roof. I decided to give it the look of aging copper, and I carried that look over to the four-sided roof I built on the sunroom.This is a shot looking up into the copper roof of the sunroom. It was pretty tricky to build – first I glued skinny supports all around the tops of the walls, cut out the pieces I fitted first with cardboard, then glued them in place one by one. I supported the individual pieces with skinny beams glued at the intersections. Let it dry overnite, and it’s solid as a rock. Aileen’s Original Tacky Glue is the one to use in this instance, because it sets up real fast, unlike wood glue. I might run beams crossing each other at regular ceiling level to be able to hang things from – plants, sparkly lights….hmm.

Today I was also working on gluing popsicle sticks to the living room floor. Pretty soon, the dividing wall/staircase between the kitchen and living room will be glued into place. Still working on it fitting smoothly into the alloted space. Some adjustments will still be necessary – it seems the more I finish off the bottom floor, the more difficult it is to slide the wall into place.

Two last pictures – the “kids” were getting bored – Sky was running in and out the front door, and Squeaky was doing handstands in the corner of the room! Earlier, they let the chickens into the house, along with their new pet, Dilly the Dachshund. The chickens will be living outside in the chicken yard with their own coop eventually. Lots of work left to do!

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