Why Do I Start These Things?

I got this great idea to make a sectioned staircase because I really liked it – but, it took me 2 full days to execute it, AND, it takes up more room than if I had just put it going up along the wall. I probably made it harder than it really is because I had to figure out the dimensions and construction all by myself. The first dollhouse was easy because I had a step by step guide on what to do next. I have the staircase almost done except for some trimming, then I have to decide what I’m going to do to the wall it’s attached to, and the opposite side which is a kitchen wall.The first picture, from Pinterest, is the look I’m trying to achieve, except mine will be turned 90 degrees (and not as fancy, as this is Shabby Chic). I first determined where on the stair stringer I wanted to make the cut. I just wanted a short turn to the 2nd floor, so I cut it at 6 and 3. Here it is glued together with the stair treads. As construction progressed, I found I had to eliminate the top stair tread on the long section, and put that as the top step in the short section. After a lot of blue tape attempting to get a perspective on how it would fit, I finally had to bite the bullet and start gluing it to the dividing wall. The back wall, which is nonexistent in a doll house so you can work inside, ended up just being a half-high wall to support the first section of stairs. Then I had to cut a landing to make the turn and start the final section. I glued a support stick to the dividing wall to support the landing, then glued the final section. Spent a lot of time waiting for the Gorilla Wood Glue to dry in between steps. One word about the Gorilla glue – this stuff dries crazy hard – I had to pry one piece of moulding off, and it was a tough job. That staircase isn’t going anywhere! Here are pictures of the final product. My main issue was that I didn’t check the the treads weren’t skewed before it dried, and they were. So it’s a little cocksided, but not horrible. I also cut a door to the kitchen rather than just have the entrance to the immediate left of the front door. I wanted to create more kitchen wall space.I trimmed out the sides of the stairs with “skinny sticks” because they just looked too “raw” for me (see 1st picture of the stairs rubber banded and drying. See how the sides are just ugly? I didn’t want the stair to look like a cut up ladder). I wanted to make it look like shiplap, but it looks a little more modern on the angle. I’ll see what I can do with paint, etc., to shabby chic it up more. I also backed the stair treads with pieces of wood so you can’t see thru the stairs. I kind of liked that look, but I have to figure out what to do with the space under the stairs now. I’ll trim out the walls, and I found a pic on (where else) Pinterest last nite (two, actually) that provides some ideas. First, this same pic of the stairs, but see the built in bookcase under the stairs?And secondly, which I think I favor – They (?) created a little private nook with a desk and chair, or I could make it a reading nook with a padded chair and a floor lamp.

So, today, I will do some more painting on the stairs, maybe attempt to make a hand rail, work on the walls, etc.

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