Stairs are done, starting on Kitchen!

Got up this morning and finished trimming out the stairs, repainted part of them, and the parts that weren’t painted at all. Decided to glue burlap to the walls for a casual look – I don’t want everything wallpaper and paint.Looks nice and finished, now for the burlap. I bought it at Hobby Lobby, I think in the scrapbook papers section, so it’s very nice quality and straight. Went on very easily.Very happy with that – I left the one partial wall under the stairs just white. Next, I finally settled on a scrapbook paper for the big kitchen wall – so the room will be green! Used “Yes” paste as it’s recommended to use as wallpaper glue – doesn’t create bubbles or wrinkles – it’s a dream to use. Just paint it evenly on the wall.From this… this! Best time to do all this work is before I secure the wall into place. I see I haven’t trimmed out the door yet! I drew lines on the ceiling and floor of the kitchen where the wall will be, so I can work easier. I have to do the ceiling! I had filled in the hole in the ceiling where the kit says the stairway was supposed to go up to the 2nd floor, but it was still uneven and wouldn’t look good painted. So, I cut two pieces of balsa wood to fit the ceiling, which I will fill with slats of wood running side to side which I will then whitewash, then glue 4 beams to that running front to back and maybe leave natural. Don’t know yet. My project for tomorrow, although I started it tonite….And that’s it for today. When I’m done with the ceiling, I’ll paint the walls, maybe try to make subway or square white pearl tiles for the wall behind the stove……hmmm

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