It Always Takes Longer Than You Think

That’s my new motto. I”ll just keep repeating it over and over – because, here I am 4 days later, and I’ve only made a little more progress over my anticipated. Did get all the windows in the walls, finally. Lots of painting and waiting for glue to dry. Dave had to help me get the walls and floors together yesterday – I needed at least one more hand while I was hot gluing and trying to line everything up since the glue dries almost instantaneously. Ohhh…that was a big work. There were some redo’s and a lot of sweating – and I was even in the air conditioning. Just lots of stress. Here are some pics for my efforts…You can see how I’ve redesigned the front windows to match the purchased front door, enlarging them 100% and repeating the transom windows from over the door. Makes a nice cohesive front. Above is the right side of the house – the hole will be a bay window. The inside pic shows how the gabled roof will look when on – right now it’s just taped in place so I can figure out where to put the room divider on each level so it doesn’t mess with the gable windows.This is a little 5 inch bump out I did on the left side to give more room to the kitchen so I can place a dining table. That’s a green screen door I made from the left over front door from the kit – just cut out the panels and sandwiched screening between identical doors. The 15 pane window is purchased – I thought it matched the panes on the upstairs windows .Here is a look from the back at the little bump out. I had hoped to put an angled roof on, but there is only room for a flat roof because of the window directly above. I will be gluing this porch post in place to help support the 2nd floor since that part of the wall is now the window wall.Above we are looking at the house with more of a realistic perspective as to it’s size. And the last pic above is my work room where the magic happens. It’s actually a 6 foot folding table set up in the sun room. I like working out here in the summer so I can keep an eye on all my neighbors. Har Har.This little beauty is Katherine, a new bear from Shaz Bears created by Sharon Hale, direct from Australia. I ordered her because her name is the same as my Godmother Angel, and I wanted to build her a house. Aren’t her clothes gorgeous? She has the exact Shabby Chic look I wanted, and she’s in pink – Aunt Kay’s favorite color. However, the description of her size was incorrect and I ended up with a bear that is 6 1/4″ instead of 4.7″. She is too big for the 1:12 scale bear houses I build. I contacted Ms. Hale, her creator, and she generously sent me another bear which I just received today. Her name on her tag is Laduree, which is a French Pastry shop specializing in macaroons.But Ms. Hale said I can call her Laura. I love the celedon color of the inside of the shop. Anyway, Laura looks very much like Katherine – so much so that Katherine could be Laura’s mother! Laura is 5″ tall, which is still larger than my other bears which come in at 3″ and 3.5″. I’ll have to make bigger furniture for Laura when I build her house.

Anyway, today I spent all day working on the staircase for the new house. The instructions call for placing the staircase on the far right of the house (looking inside from the back) against the wall – there’s even a hole cut in the ceiling for access to the top floor. However, that area of the house is where the kitchen is going – and I don’t want a staircase taking up the space. I also didn’t want it smack in your face when you open the front door, which was another possible location. I ran across this layout of a stairway on Pinterest which I love for the design, and the small space it occupies.or this:Mine will be similar, and I like the idea of the built in bookcase under the stairs. Or a little closet….

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