Day Two

Well, I didn’t get to saw last night as it was just too hot and muggy, and by the time it was decent, I was out of daylight. Slept in this morning, so didn’t get going until late morning. Set up my makeshift worktable in the garage, and started cutting up the front and side of the bear house to make my adjustments. I’m very happy with what I did. Enlarged the front door opening to accommodate the overhead transom and doubled the size of both front windows. Also recut the front gable for an arched window instead of an octagon. On the left side, I cut off about 1/2 the downstairs wall to bump it out 5 inches and cut a large opening for a large panel window. Made a new side wall for the sunroom and cut a doorway in it for a screen door to the garden. I’ll be using the front door that came with the kit and cut out all the panels on the set of doors to sandwich screening in between. Made sure to make the door hole large enough so I can hinge the door without a problem. I hope. I may cheat and use big hinges on one side instead of trying to sandwich them between the door and the casing. Also cut a floor for the sunroom. Dry fitted the doors and window and adjusted the openings as needed.

I also painted all the window casings, frames, sills, etc. with two coats of white acrylic after sanding all the edges. Tomorrow I can layer the acrylic film between the window frames to make the windows ready for installation. Also may white latex paint the outside window framing so it will match the exterior of the home later. Need to prep the manufactured front door and large window with double coats of white as well as the staircase rails. After I install the windows and doors, I can start assembling the walls and first floor rooms. That’s all for today. Good nite.

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