Construction Issues

It’s been a couple weeks of going nowhere fast. I spent a couple days off from working on the Bear Cottage to finish up some paper houses for Market because I intended to go on the 16th. However, a low pressure system over Florida has been sending humidity and showers and brief downpours our way for a week now. Of course, after I decided I wouldn’t chance storms on Wednesday morning, it was the nicest morning of the whole week. Another major reason I didn’t go is because I just can’t trust my body to cooperate with me. I simply can’t get up and run out of the house at 6:30 and not get home until 1:30 without incurring abdominal problems. This is my new normal, but it isn’t always user friendly. My sister, Claudia, has kindly offered her assistance setting up and taking down my Market tent and displays, so that will be very helpful. Anyway, on to the bearhouse.

I did manage to get the whole inside painted and the chandelier hung in the downstairs. I laid another popsicle stick floor upstairs, and also did some wainscoting with more corrugated cardboard from Hobby Lobby’s scrapbooking section. It’s dense corrugation (word?) and looks great on the interior. I have some really hefty stuff to use on the outside of the house. Painted everything white and plastered the two window sections on the second floor. The one on the side wall will have a gabled roof, so it is standing alone. However, it wasn’t happy and kept falling off, and the plastering on that one was really horrible. The final straw came yesterday when I was trying to dry fit the roof pieces along with the window and the gabled roof. Disaster.

What happened in the meantime however, was Charleen was getting bored and started clowning around by climbing upstairs (don’t ask me how!) and then hanging over the opening where the ladder will go. Of course, Rosebud had to join in the fun by laying down and teasing Charleen about how was she going to get down now without getting hurt? Needless to say, something had to be done, and fast! I quickly pieced together the ladder they will use for access to the bedroom so Charleen didn’t fall and break her neck!Here are those two characters sitting nicely in their chairs staring at a non-functioning fireplace. The thrill of climbing up and down the ladder has stopped for now. The only thing upstairs now is the chandelier I’m working on for their bedroom.

The disaster pictures are below.

I was attempting to piece together a roof that was “cobbled” together from some of the other wood left over from the kit – a gable is not in the original plans. I swear I followed the instructions in the book very carefully, but the pieces just wouldn’t fit together properly – the angles were all wrong, the cutouts were all wrong. So I sat and stared at it most of the day while trying to figure out how to do it right. In the end, I tossed that roof and window gabled wall and started over by cutting new pieces of wood and making cardboard templates to play with the roof angles and shapes. I finally figured it out and cut all new wood last night.I finally got up the courage to fire up the hot glue gun and go for it. The top picture shows the house as it will look with the side roof on and the gabled roof. Bottom pic is that unit glued together and removed for finishing. The roof sections will be glued on after finishing work on the outside of the cottage.

Such a relief to get that done. After work on the gable, I think the job is shifting to the outside to build a front porch, trim out the windows, make the doors, put the siding on the house, etc., etc., etc.

Regardless of the complication which I would not let beat me, I still love doing this. So much more to do until next time! Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Construction Issues

  1. I LOVE how everything is coming together! I also purchased the Shabby chic dollhouse tutorial and it has taken me FOREVER to try and figure everything out. Thanks to you I was able to figure out the dormer part so thank you so much for that! Keep up the good work! You have a new fan!


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