Meet Charleen..

I stumbled across while reading the website about the beautiful dollhouses Caroline makes. The dollhouse was my inspiration, but Warm Heart Beats provided a bear to live in the house. I don’t see the point in just building a cottage with no one to inhabit it. Anyway, Charleen happened to be up for adoption and I jumped on it. I love that she’s only 3″ tall and fully jointed, but I think her elegant hat sealed the deal for me. The proportion of the cottage I’m going to make for Charleen is 1 inch = 1 foot. So, in real life, Charleen would only be 3 feet tall. Not exactly the right proportion for a cottage with 8″ (8 foot) ceilings, but larger bears seem like they would be too big for the space. The house is only 10″ x 11″, although it does have two floors. Anyway, I made this white chair for Charleen from a miniature kit – really a pain in the butt. However, I’m going to have to get used to it because these chairs are perfect for Shabby Chic. It was so plain, tho, so I painted roses on parts of it to dress it up. She said she loves it, because I made it especially for her. She appreciates that I’m building her this big house to live in, but has mentioned that she would really like her best friend to live there with her. After all, you can’t have tea parties with just one. I felt her sadness, so I ventured back to her birth home and found her friend, Rosebud. See my next posting for her pics and bio.

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