And then there was Rosebud…

I adopted Rosebud from shortly after I made Charleen part of my family to be a companion and best friend. They were both so excited, and hit it off right away. Rosebud is most impressed that the cottage they will be living in will be called Rosebud Cottage in her honor. Charleen thought that would be the best surprise for her best friend and a gesture that would make her feel most welcome. Of course, Charleen prevailed on me to make Rosebud a matching chair as well. Softie that I am, I gave in and created a pink one with rosebud print with fluffy pillows. Now they can sit side by side in front of the fireplace and exchange gossip. See how pretty they are?Oh, I almost forgot, I made Rosebud a fancy hat because she said she loved Charleen’s. Well, despite the fact that Charleen’s hat came with her, I thought I could make a similar one for Rosebud. It’s hard sewing a hat for a 1″ diameter bear head, I’ll tell ya! BUT, I did it and also put roses on it! It actually matches her chair! She is so happy! Look at those pictures, aren’t they the sweetest little things?

Next, we’ll begin work on their cottage.

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