Time to Introduce Myself and My “Girls”

Let’s begin with me. I’m an “older” woman, retired for 4 years, and a former quilter for 30 years. My retirement ushered in a desire to try my hand at crafts other than quilting, so I’ve been beading, playing with polymer clay, and recently making tiny paper houses by Tim Holtz via Sizzix. I found I really enjoyed working in miniature, redesigning the buildings and making beach homes and farmhouses, as well as barns.
As a result, I started making fishing shacks for my adult boys who are avid fisherman on Lake Erie. I enjoyed fostering my architectural skills and building piers which resulted in complete dioramas! I could be less fussy with this type of subject, too.Over the last several months, I’ve been reading about Caroline Dupuis’ miniature cottages made from dollhouse kits, and then graduating on to designing on her own.

I’ve never been much of a fan of Shabby Chic, at least not in my real life, but something about it in miniature is very appealing. I don’t think I’ll be going quite as shabby as I’ve seen some of it get, but I like the casualness of the look. I don’t want to spend my time being historically accurate or meticulous about every little detail. Shabby Chic is certainly less strict in its design and execution – right up my alley! I’ve also thought I could go Shabby Beachy, too. Worth a try.

So, I’ve purchased the Primrose Cottage by Corona, and the Cinderella Moments book, ‘A Shabby Chic Dollhouse’ authored by Caroline Dupuis. She approaches this at a beginner level and takes you through building your first dollhouse in 1:12 scale, as well as making some of your own miniature furniture. I’ve gathered most of the items on the list she says I’ll need, so I’m ready to start right after my house guest leaves next week. I thought I’d wait until then so my home isn’t totally destroyed by the messes I make while being creative.

I guess the bottom line on this is that if I want to do this, then just do it, and do it now. It really feels like something I can accomplish and have a lot of fun designing, decorating, and furnishing a tiny home. I love that these cottages are meant for adults, not children, but I still wanted something to inhabit the home. The dolls I see for miniatures are just plain scary looking. That’s when I stumbled across Carolyn Robbins warmheartbears.com on Pinterest and found the perfect “thing” to live in the cottage – a tiny 3″ bear (or 2) – not quite perfect 1:12 scale, but anything larger would seem out of proportion to me.

And this is where Charleen and Rosebud enter the picture. You can meet them in my next post!

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